Ontario Fur Farm Industry Infiltrated by Animal Rights Activist

Starting Monday, video footage of animal neglect and cruelty recorded inside five Southern Ontario mink farms will be released on the website . A formal complaint and accompanying video evidence will then be handed over to the OSPCA.

The video evidence depicts multiple violations of the OSPCA Act which could lead to criminal charges for multiple fur farmers and cause a shockwave in the fur industry leading to a potential change in animal welfare legislation. Similar footage taken by activists has lead to a complete ban of the Norwegian fur farm industry just this past week. The ban will close over 280 fur farms.

When / Where:
Monday January 22 to Friday Jan 26, 2018
Daily online video releases of animal neglect
(one video from farm every morning at 10:00 AM)

Friday, January 26th 2:00 PM
OSPCA Provincial Office 16586 Woodbine Ave, Whitchurch-Stouffville
(hand over video recordings as evidence with formal complaint of animal neglect)

“I walked through swamps, hopped electric fences and barbed wire, hid from security guards, and was chased by attack dogs to obtain these videos. I even discovered a puppy mill.” says Malcolm Klimowicz co-founder of KOALA (Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Alliance) who investigated the farms.

“There have been no inspections of any fur farm in Ontario by any government agency in the past six years. When we approached government officials with concerns about animal welfare on these factory farms we were told there are NFACC (National Farm Animal Care Council) codes of practice in place to protect animals.
From June to August, 2017 I covertly inspected five of the 40 mink farms in the province and found not only that the codes were consistently being violated, but animal neglect and cruelty could be overtly seen in the recordings. This is not just a case of one bad apple farm. This is the fur industry standard. I’m releasing these videos in the public interest to dispel any myths that the Canadian fur industry is in any way humane or that there is any form of government or industry oversight of animal welfare in Ontario.

I witnessed cages caked with feces, dead and injured animals, open wounds, food mixed with urine and excrement, overcrowding, stereotypical behaviour, and infestations of maggots and insects. It felt like I was in a horror movie. I kept noticing the resemblance these farms have to puppy mills - cramped wired cages stacked one after the other. Then I found an actual puppy mill. I guess it was not surprising that someone who treats minks that way would also keep dogs in the same terrible conditions.

I had to stand in puddles of urine and feces just to be able to record these videos. The saddest part is that some of the things I witnessed are actually still legal. I could barely breathe due to the ammonia fumes from the animals’ waste. The mink are getting eye infections and respiratory infections but there is no regulation to stop that. Even if there was adherence to the NFACC codes, the animals would still be suffering frustration and inactivity from this malicious form of captivity. This is why countries around the world continue to make fur farming illegal.”

A different farm will be named and exposed each day from Monday to Friday. This will be the first time high quality covert video footage from inside Ontario fur farms is released to the public. The location of a puppy mill discovered on a mink farm property will also be released on Friday, January 26th.

Killing animals for their fur is considered controversial and ethically questionable. Many countries such as the UK, Austria, Germany, and more already have fur farm bans. Many retailers and clothing designers such as Gucci and Michael Kors have recently implemented fur free policies and have switched to using synthetic fur.

KOALA is part of a province wide coalition of groups and individuals fighting to ban fur farming in Ontario. More information can be found at

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