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Keith Charles Flint was an English vocalist and dancer most associated with the electronic dance act The Prodigy. Starting out

as a dancer Keith Flint became the frontman of the group and performed on the group's two UK number one singles, "Firestarter"

and "Breathe" both released in 1996.Keith Flint Singer with the British electronic dance band The Prodigy the group that

released the hit "Breathe."

Keith Flint childhood was described as unhappy and Keith Flint feuded with his parents who parted when he was young.Keith

Flint went to the same school as bandmate Liam Howlett; because of their difference in age they never met there.

Keith Flint has extensive body piecings and tattoos.

Family Life
Keith Flint came from a broken home and was kicked out by his father when he was a teenager. Keith Flint once dated Gail

Porter. After their breakup he married Mayumi Kai.

In 2002 “Baby’s Got a Temper” was released.
Keith Flint was featured in multiple tracks of the Prodigy Album “Invaders Must Di” which was released on 23 February 2009.
Keith Flint manic dancing moves in the "Firestarter" music video were parodied by comedian Weird Al Yankovic.

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