「Nightcore」→ trapped in the thought of free - (Faith Marie)

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▹ Song ▸ trapped in the thought of free
▹ Artist(s) ▸ Faith Marie

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i’m so sick of thinking
too many minutes fleeting
don’t want nothing to do with me
as far as i know i’m stuck in between
time space dimensions beyond reach
so what’s the point of negativity
some days i want a break from myself
but today don’t wanna f*** with no one else

i spent so long
tryna free myself
tryna find the hope they speak about
i spent so long
tryna find myself
that i found myself
trapped in the thought of free

i wish i believed in
all the things i’m reading
follow like i’m wearing sheep’s skin
but darling nobodies innocent
question everything like it’s a test
sometimes i wish that my mind would rest
let me bathe in ignorance
close my eyes i just wanna breathe again

i look for places i can’t go
i want to feel things i can’t hold
i want to know things i don’t know
just let me let go now 2x

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