Peak Human Intelligence - Improved Version ll Subliminal

Affirmations include:
- Peak human intelligence
- Extremely good photographic memory
- Use your brain more efficiently
- High IQ
- Incredible reasoning skills
- Increased learning capacity
- Creativity
- Develop accelerated probability
- Develop causality perception
- Encyclopedic knowledge
- Claircognizance
- Speed reading skills
- Hypercognition
- Hyper-accelerated thought process.
- Enhanced wisdom
- Understand deep philosophical level
- Reality perception
- Intuituve precognition
- Numerical precision.
- Parallel precision
- Deduction skills
- Pattern sense

This is level one of intelligence. Level 2 would be enhanced intelligence. You cannot use both at the same time.

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All my subliminals:
• Are downloadable
• No frequencies
• Can be heard without earphones

Results depend on each person. Listen between 30 minutes and one hour to get faster results.

Subliminals work better when you do not know the affirmations and that's why I don't share them. You can take a look into this and will find that people get faster results when not knowing the affirmations, simply because it bypasses the conscious mind easier.


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