20 Most Insane Things From Aliexpress That'll Leave You Stunned

20 Most Insane Things From Aliexpress That'll Leave You Stunned
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AliExpress is a huge place and it would probably take years to find everything they have listed. Aside from the normal things you would find on their site, there are some really bizarre things that leave you wondering how in the world something like this exists. Some things are pure genius while others are pure crap or plan hilarious. Now check out these 20 most insane things from AliExpress.

20. Fake Butt – Here’s something really interesting for a woman who wants to show off a little more tail. These women’s underwear have extra padding built into them to add more size to a woman’s behind. There’s only one downside to these and that is when the underwear come off the truth is revealed.

19. Belly Bag – If you ever wondered what it would be like to have a fat hairy stomach, either man or woman, now here is your chance.

18. Sexy Body Pillows – Here is something really wild. Show off your personality in style when you fill your bedroom with some sexy body pillows. What’s crazy about them is how real the printing on them looks almost making them look somewhat real.

17. Piano Gloves – Real piano? No one has time for that or the means to carry one around with them. Instead, now you can just play the piano by putting on some gloves that use a special sensor in each fingertip which plays different notes, and play piano on any surface…well except for water.

16. Flash Memory Condom – If you were trying to figure out how to hide a flash drive, then here is it. How about a condom package that is actually a USB flash drive?

15. Earplug vacuum cleaner – Just the sound of this device should have everyone running in terror. It’s probably not a good idea to promote a vacuum cleaner for the ear since you’ll likely cause some serious damage or even break your eardrum.

14. Washcloths – This is one of those things that are either brilliant or a complete failure. It’s up to you to decide. If you’ve ever dreaded that moment when you need to wash your feet in the shower, then life just got a little more comfortable for you.

13. Mobile Toilet – This is another one of those things that people will either embrace in the future or just think it’s too much trouble to change.

12. Magnetic leaf – Here is something that is totally James Bond… or something. We aren’t promoting any of this stuff, and especially not this one.

11. Case with six lenses – If you love taking photos but don’t have a lot of money for a fancy camera, you can slip this case on your phone that has 6 different lenses that slide over the top of your lens.

10. Headlight Glasses with Laser Sight – Whoever designed these glasses must have had some kind of superhero thing going. If you’ve ever needed to pinpoint the exact direction that you are looking in with a laser sight, then these glasses were made for you.

9. Retro phone – This is perfect for those people who loved and miss those giant luxury retro cell phones that first came out decades ago.

8. Headset-phone – The designers of this small device decided to take things literally and create their version of the headset phone which is a miniature cell phone with an earpiece attached to it.

7. Washcloth Gloves – There’s not really much to say about this item except it was hiding in the dark corner of AliExpress waiting for someone to find it.

6. Starter Recurve Long Bow – In the dangerous weapons department comes this 40lbs aluminum recurve longbow for those just starting out.

5. Xiaomi Mosquito Eliminator - Think robotic destroyer of mosquitoes. No one likes those things anyway, so even the most sadistic device could be created and most of us would cheer.

4. Automatic vegetable peeler – This was made for anyone who really hates peeling vegetables and as silly as it might sound, the thing actually works.

3. Car vacuum cleaner – For all those car enthusiasts that need to have the latest and coolest accessories, this car vacuum cleaner is for you.

2. Magnetic Phone Holder – Phone holders are getting more high tech all the time, and this one is really stylish and uses a magnet to hold the phone in place.

1. Mechanical Nose Trimmer – The last one on the list is another thing that looks really scary that you insert into your body, this time… your nose. Forget those electric trimmers, that’s too easy.

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