Fusion 9 - Delta Keyer + Clean Plate: Complete Tutorial

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The delta keyer is at it’s core a color difference keyer which blackmagic added to Fusion 9. It is probably one of the most advanced and most customizable keyer in Fusion and it can be used together with a clean plate input. An additional clean plate generator is available as well.
When using the delta keyer, your basic workflow will follow these steps:
1. Select background color or clean plate
2. Adjust pre-matte ranges (if not clean plate), erode pre-matte if it is too tight.
3. Adjust matte with threshold values and clean foreground / background
4. Adjust the despill settings and take care of edges in the Fringe tab.

I will show you in this tutorial how to use the keyer and how to fine tune your matte and final image with all settings available in this new tool. I will also provide a little bit of background information about color difference keyers by showing a very basic version of a color difference keyer created purely from channel booleans and a color corrector. (Based on the version from Steve Wright's book: Digital Compositing for Film and Video).

Green screen plates used in this video:

(On this site, check for the examples “SINGLE MARKER PAN/TILT” and “GODIVA WIDE”)


單擊鼠標右鍵並選擇 "保存圖像為..." 將原始圖像下載到您的計算機.


直接鏈接到圖像與分辨率: 1280x720

直接鏈接到圖像與分辨率: 640x480

直接鏈接到圖像與分辨率: 480x360

直接鏈接到圖像與分辨率: 320x180

直接鏈接到圖像與分辨率: 120x90