How to Make a 12V Battery Charge Monitor Circuit - Level Indicator

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Product list:

From UTSOURCE Official:
PCB Cutomization:
(100pcs) DIP Zener Diode 0.5W 6.2V:
(100pcs) DIP Zener Diode 0.5W 3.3V:
(100pcs) DIP Zener Diode 0.5W 8.2V:
(100pcs) DIP Zener Diode 0.5W 15V:
(100pcs) DIP Zener Diode 0.5W 9.1V:
(100pcs) DIP Zener Diode 0.5W 6.8V:
(100pcs) DIP Zener Diode 0.5W 3V:
(100pcs) DIP Zener Diode 0.5W 4.3V:
(100pcs) DIP Zener Diode 0.5W 12V:
(100pcs) DIP Zener Diode 0.5W 3.9V:
3296W 503 50K Trimmer Potentiometers(10pcs):
3296W 102 1K Trimmer Potentiometers(10pcs):
3296W 103 10K Trimmer Potentiometers(10pcs):
(20pcs) DIP Metal Film Resistor 1% 1/4W 1K:
(20pcs) DIP Metal Film Resistor 1% 1/4W 20K:
(20pcs) DIP Metal Film Resistor 1% 1/4W 47K:
F5 LED 5MM White Round Head Common Green Light(50pcs):
F5 LED 5MM White Round Head Red Light(50pcs):
F5 LED 5MM White Round Head Yellow Light(50pcs):
F5 LED 5MM White Round Head Blue Light(50pcs):

From Third Party Suppliers:

Red, yellow, green DIP 3 mm On the left side of the positive on the right side of the negative:
Desktop computer external usb wireless network card receiver mini with wifi laptop external emitters:
ARDUINO UNO R3 Assembled in China, ORIGINAL NEW!:

PCB Gerber files:

List of Components for Project:
LM3914 x1
1K ohm x10
20K ohm x1
50K Pot x1
47K ohm x1
4.7K ohm x1
1n4007 x1
5mm Red LED x2
5mm Yellow LED x2
5mm Green LED x6

Circuit Description:
This circuit is based on lm3914 dot/bar LED driver IC which consist of 10 comparators. we can set the on off timing of comparators using a resistor network and can drive LEDs as output level indication.

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