10 Nickelodeon Shows That Took It Too Far

These Nickelodeon shows really pushed the boundaries of what's acceptable for kids to watch! Subscribe to our channel:

The family-friendly content featured on Nickelodeon is typically safe for most children. Throughout the years, there has been some content which became a little questionable for children to see. Are You Afraid of the Dark presented great thrills for children each week, but there are some episodes that pushed things a little too far. Nightmare inducing monsters and unforgettable stories are still a little too scary to watch today. The Fairly Oddparents have had some pretty crazy episodes, but one episode features nudity and some off subject matter. Rocko’s Modern Life is filled with adult jokes and some pretty crazy content that made it on the air over the years.

Helga always had a secret crush on Arnold, but the show may have dove a little too deep into her personal diary entries. CatDog featured a lot of gross-out humor, but one of the episode’s gags may have been teaching children a bad word with some rhyming elements tossed in. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide may have pushed the limits of middle school children a little too far with an episode filled with cursing. On the show Victorious, there are a lot of subtle jokes, but one of them may have referred to procedures no teenage girl should be thinking about. Ren and Stimpy had some of the craziest visual gags seen on television and some content pushed things WAYYYY too far. The Rugrats was a pretty innocent except for old Grandpa Lou and his dirty ways. Watch to see all the times Nick went too far and see how many you can remember!

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