Summer of Swimsuits Try-On Haul August 2018 • Fashion N' Shits

My last Summer of Swimsuits Try-On Haul is here, and I've got three brand new swimsuits from Wicked Weasel! I've always wanted to own some of their products so like, kinda stupid hyped about this haul. Make sure to vote for your favorite swimsuit that you want to see in my Plus Photoset for my Patreon this month! Voting ends on August 23 @ 12PM PST.

Swimsuit 1 - Retro @3:35
Swimsuit 2 - Celestial @4:50
Swimsuit 3 - Nude Gold @6:55
Swimsuit 4 - Gold Shorts @8:53
Swimsuit 5 - Black Sheer @10:11


SHOUTOUT to my main Doers of Stuff,
• PIP, dude's got a beard that would make Odin weep!!
• BRIAN, who I think is a spy, but he swears he's not!
• CHRISTOPHER, even though he's ignoring me but I'll make him talk!
• MICHAEL, an IRL Hylian as far as I can tell!
•IGNACIO who is one cool cat.

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Lety Does Stuff S4:E "" was filmed on 2018 July .


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