Vinyl Scratch Dubstep and Electro Mix (Vol. 3)

I just realized that these videos get the most views, so I got off my lazy ass and made this. And yes, I realize that Lock n' Bounce originally made Bad News.

Soundcloud download:

[Update-2: 100 views in 2 days, that's my personal record.]

[Update-3: 1000 views bitches! :D]

[Update-4: 2000 views! You guys are awesome for getting me this much views!]

[Update-5: 4000 views...? I really don't think I deserve this! Thank you!]

[Update-6: Daaamn! 7000+ views?! Thank you so much!]

[Update-7: Almost 15,000...Guys, I CAN'T BREATHE CALL 911.]


Lock n' Bounce - Bad News [Virtual Riot Remix]:

Zomboy - Here To Stay [GREY Remix]:

Drummerbot - Wub Funk:

Mr. Hans - Party Lazers:

Blaze & Pipsqueak - The Betrayal:

Flux Pavilion, Zomboy, Filth Collins, Getter, & Helicopter Showdown - Bass Cannon [GoingQuantum Megamix]:

Avicii - Levels [Skrillex Remix]:

PhillyPu - Pinkie Pie Style:

Alex S. - Maximizer:

WoodenToaster - Beyond Her Garden [GaugeN Remix]:

Knife Party - Destroy Them With Lazers:

Vinyl Scratch - Makin' Moves: