LORN - Official Gameplay Trailer (Medieval Survival-Horror Game 2018) PC

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Official Gameplay trailer for Lorn!

Demo available 10.20.17 on PC & Steam

Lorn is a first-person fantasy-horror game set in the dark, isolated ruins of a once great kingdom now forsaken and lost beneath rock and time; currently under development by TeamKill Studio.

Platform: PC, Steam (PS4 & Xbox One TBA)
Release date: TBA 2018

Spoken words in Trailer:

“What do you hope to accomplish?
Everyone you ever knew is gone.
They are me and I am them.
Tread carefully... the King hears their screams.”


The end had come and at the hand of your own beloved King. No one knew the King was capable of such atrocities. However, by the time you uncovered his plan, hope had already been lost.

Caught by surprise, millions lost their lives that day, as the King harvested and sealed their souls within an ancient and organic artifact, he kept close by his side, known as The Heart of God.

A civilization of souls for the promise of immortality; that was the oath ‘They’ had made with the King. ‘They’ who came from above. Those whose lust for souls is never quenched.

You are Voss, a loyal servant of the King who managed to hide during this genocide, until an opportunity presented itself for you to steal the artifact from the King. You do not know what it is or what it does; all you know is that the King must be stopped.

To the Forsaken Mines you will take it, deep into the earth where you think even the King would not dare walk.

Now, as you run, with the souls of an entire population in your hands, the King and his men are tracking you and will stop at nothing to ensure the fulfillment of what has been promised to them.

However, the depths of your problems have just begun.


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