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The YouTube Algorithm is truly a musical mystery.

In the past few years, a strange trend has emerged in people's recommendations. A flood of Japanese Jazz & Pop. Mostly from the 70's and 80's, but that is not all. Alongside these albums, many other obscure musical oddities have emerged.

After a few clicks, one may find themselves in a place dominated by these albums. Often foreign and psychedelic, but all rather obscure. Why does this happen? What has given these musical uploads such dominance? Is it just appeal or is there an alternative explanation? What factor does the Algorithm have within it?
Video Sources (Support the creators/uploaders):
-Orange Sunset Time Lapse:
-Tokyo Japan - Downtown - Archival:
-Japanese TV Commercials, 1985:
-Looking Back At Japan In The Seventies:
-70's Funky Japan Car Commercial:
-Japanese In A Changing World 1970:
-80s Japan - Tokyo At Night:
- Record-Player Stockfootage by Mitch Martinez:
- High Voltage Power Station Over Sunset:
Purple Planet - "Hep Cat Jive" (00:00-01:48) [Music: ]
Frédéric Chopin — "Galop Marquis", preformed by Aya Higuchi (01:48-01:58)
Kevin MacLeod — "Jazz Brunch" (01:58-07:17)
Kevin MacLeod — "Apero Hour" (07:17-11:58)
Purple Planet — "Steppin' Out" (11:58-13:47) [Music: ]
Purple Planet — "Cool Struttin'" (13:47-15:28) [Music: ]
Purple Planet — "Prohibition Blues" (15:28-15:48) [Music: ]
Kevin MacLeod - "Crinoline Dreams" (15:49-16:18)
All copyrighted media, images, and music respective owner(s).
-YouTube Every Second:
-How Many People Use YouTube?:
-Noisey Names Mariya Takeuchi's "Plastic Love" the "Best Pop Song in the World":
-'For You' by Tasuro Yamashita, 1982:
-Deep Neural Networks For YouTube Recommendations:
-How to Understand the YouTube Algorithm in 2018:
-How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work:
-Japanese YouTube Recommendations Core:
-1 Million Views and Counting: How Obscure Rap Records Are Finding A Second Life On YouTube:
-All Album info from "Rate Your Music" & "Discogs"

And to all those Musicians, Composers, and Creators I am unable to thank.
Recommended: "Thank You For Watching."


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