Kinigonde - Another Falling Apart (ft. Kristiana)

Kinigonde - Another Falling Apart (ft. Kristiana)

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Kristiana Bumbiere

Released By ChillAndVibing


Videographer @richarddillon111

Videographer, Fashion Photographer

Pixelheaven - SKG

Director/Photographer/Allround creative person
As a kid I always wanted to end up in the music business. And I did..Started as a deejay at 15, got my first A&R job at 22 and became one of the youngest creative directors in Europe at 26.
I had the honor to learn from the best in the business. Creative minds such as Giorgio Moroder, Arthur Baker, Storm Thorgeson, Barry White, Allan Parsons, Ben Liebrand, Armin van Buuren, John Ewbank, Endland Mann, Roger Sanchez, Ferry Corsten, Bobby Farrel and many others
Along the way, I found out that not only the music itself counted, but also the packaging and the image.
So I switched to "the other side" and started Pixelheaven together with Isabelle Bequet, a funny french speaking, but a free creative mind of her own.
No business plan, but just for the love of film.
Years later, you can still find that fun back in our work, whether it is a music video, branded content or a fashion film. It's the package that counts. We love working with creative people, visit inspiring places and meeting new friends.
Even online.
That's why we love Vimeo; We love seeing work from our colleagues, finding new talents and get inspiring ideas.

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