Rage About [レイジアバウト] Game Sample - PC/Doujin

Rage About is another one of those lost doujin games that we've happened to unearth not too long ago. Originally, it was hosted on a website (that I won't mention because it had 18+ content on it) that did various pieces of popular artwork, including pieces that others would know from a series known as the "Queen's" series (Queen's Blade, etc.). While there is lots of NSFW content related to the Queen's series out there that I won't bother to point out directly, this game is safe for MOST to play (if you do not mind a character who has his MIDDLE FINGER UP), so I'll provide a link for it at the end.

Basically, the game features four fighters and various fighting mechanics (Guard Crush/Break, Strength Boost, etc.) that many fighting game regulars are familiar with. The game is functional, though like many incomplete FM projects, it doesn't have much to offer outside of thoughts of what could have been. Anyway, you'll be surprised to know that I didn't pick the girl in this video, which is one of the only things worth mentioning, lol...Oh yeah. The only other thing worth mentioning is that the one copy of this game I could find had filenames that were all gibberish symbols and whatnot.

That said, I had to play and beat the game for a couple of hours until I could copypasta all the correct filenames that came up with the various error messages that I got (all except one...I just named it VS.demo because I never got an error message pertaining to that one file). Let me know if the filenames are Japanese when you unzip my file and have your region settings set to Japanese.

You can get this game at:


單擊鼠標右鍵並選擇 "保存圖像為..." 將原始圖像下載到您的計算機.


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