Plants vs Zombies - I,Zombie Endless Streak 71 - 80

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00:00 - Streak 70
01:47 - Streak 71
03:55 - Streak 72
05:41 - Streak 73
07:19 - Streak 74
08:44 - Streak 75
10:39 - Streak 76
12:37 - Streak 77
14:38 - Streak 78
16:38 - Streak 79

Due to the problems with regards to the sun supply and the scarcity of available sunflowers i am somehow forced to do the triple bungee trick.

the bungee trick came from 88Asir222 and is definitely a very wonderful trick that may be used to gain extra sun every level

Meanwhile here's the Streak 71-80 video for I, Zombie Endless and i these Strategies help you out and i hope others may be ale to improve it.

NOTE: This IS a macro-assisted gameplay because all i ever wanted is to show how i deal with different possible formations. some of these MAY still be improved . if you think that's cheating then it doesn't matter because i still make the most out of every sunflower available. therefore there is still a possibility that this streak may end. the only macro'ed strategy here is the triple bungee trick which allows me to get more sun from every sunflower.

Have fun


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